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Aerospares Ltd was established with the objective of becoming a significant aerospace trading company. Today this company is well on its way to achieve this objective. The services are customized to each customer's requirements and are designed to meet the new challenges and opportunities now arising in the aviation business.

The company is capable of providing the highest standards of support services to operating airlines and other facilities. As a young dynamic company it is uniquely placed to offer its customers several solutions to meet the challenges of this changing environment. Aerospares Ltd offers a fast, reliable and efficient service for locating the parts needed on a day to day basis to keep your aircraft operational.
Aerospares Ltd has a reputation of being able to deliver high quality parts at a reasonable price within a strict delivery schedule on a consistent basis. In addition, access to airline inventories not available to other stockists gives us the edge over our competitors and allowes us not only to meet but to exceed our customers' expectations.

ISO 9001:2000 CERTIFICATE No: 14257


P-621 is a high-strength flame retardant glass cloth tape used in the Aircraft/Aerospace market. P-621 is used to seal the seams of the fire retardant panels that line the interior walls of the aircraft storage area.
NICKEL Anti-Seize
Nickel Anti-Seize is an anti-seize and gasket compound for use in extreme temperatures and hostile environments. The solids in Nickel Anti-Seize serve as a lubricant to cushion and seal. This prevents seizure and galling. Nickel A...
P-11 is an aluminium foil tape used in the Aircraft/Aerospace market to protect, mask and seal windows during the chemical paint stripping process of an aircraft. P-11 protects the plexiglass window from the caustic solutions unti...
PRECISION CLEAN Multi-Purpose Cleaner/Degreaser
Precision Clean’s water-based formula effectively cleans grease, oil, and dirt. Precision Clean doesn’t contain butyl, chlorinated or petroleum solvents, bleach, ammonia or abrasives. Precision Clean is biodegradable and rinse...
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