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Aerospares Ltd
47 Bonyhadi St
1141 Budapest
Aerospares Ltd
237 Pesti St
Building C/14
1173 Budapest
Phone: +36-1-257-6600
Fax: +36-1-256-8840

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A-151 Solvent/Degreaser
LPS A-151 Solvent/Degreaser is a high flash point alternative to chlorinated solvents. The quick penetrating action of LPS A-151 removes oil, grease, organic resins, corrosion inhibiting compounds, and other contaminants leaving a...
SP-24 is a fuselage skin protective tape used in the Aircraft/Aerospace market. SP-24 protects skin-grade aluminium fuselage surfaces from scratches and gouges during fabrication process and can be perforated for easy access to ri...
P-420 is an unique PTFE film tape. High tensile capabilities make P-420 ideal for use in the cure process of composite parts. It is an ideal tape to be used whenever a slick surface and anti-friction surface is needed. P-420 is al...
This unique product has the physical properties which are required to withstand tremendous kinetic force. Combined with its excellent temperature resistance PS-1800 is therefore an ideal masking tape in HVOF applications. The tape...
Aerospares Ltd. Phone: +36-1-257-6600 e-mail:
47 Bonyhadi St 1141 Budapest Hungary | 237 Pesti St Building C/14 1173 Budapest Hungary Fax: +36-1-256-8840 web:
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