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    POWER BLAST Duster
    LVC Contact Cleaner
    Turco 5351 Thin
    Supersolve A/S
    Ardrox 6076
    Turco 4181-L
    Turco 6813-E
    Ardrox 6481


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Arrow Chemicals




Food Grade Machine Oil is a general purpose lubricant for use on food processing equipment. Food Grade Machine Oil is NSF H1 registered #129000 for use in meat and poultry plants. It penetrates to loosens rusted nuts and bolts. Fo...
Anti-Spatter spray is a non-silicone, water-based material which casts a liquid film. Many competitors’ anti-spatter sprays are based on chlorinated solvents which are ozone-depleting or suspected carcinogens. The oversized spra...
EFX Solvent/Degreaser
LPS® EFX Solvent/Degreaser is a fast-acting, heavy-duty solvent that degreases and flushes in a single operation. EFX’s power blast spray instantly removes oil, grease, wax, dirt, tar and other contaminants. EFX does not contai...
CFC FREE Electro Contact Cleaner
CFC Free Electro Contact Cleaner is a fast penetrating, fast evaporating non-residue cleaner. It does not contain chlorinated solvents. CFC Free is ideal for cleaning electrical and electronic parts and delicate mechanisms. CFC Fr...
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