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    PR 1750 Class A
    CA 1000
    PR 1776 Class B
    PR-1422 Class B


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PPG Aerospace

P-29 is a premium, all-weather multi-purpose electrical tape for insulating wire splices and connections, harness wrapping, protecting conduits, etc. P-29 is flame retardant.
FOOD GRADE Silicone Lubricant
Food Grade Silicone Lubricant is ideal for applications involving rubber, plastic, and metal parts. It has a dry film which will not attract dust or dirt, and it is ideal for food processing and food handling applications. Food Gr...
ELECTRO Contact Cleaner
Electro Contact Cleaner is a fast evaporating cleaner that penetrates, cleans and degreases, leaving no residue. Electro Contact Cleaner is ideally suited for cleaning electrical and electronic parts as well as other types of deli...
P-621 is a high-strength flame retardant glass cloth tape used in the Aircraft/Aerospace market. P-621 is used to seal the seams of the fire retardant panels that line the interior walls of the aircraft storage area.
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