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PRECISION CLEAN Multi-Purpose Cleaner/Degreaser
Precision Clean’s water-based formula effectively cleans grease, oil, and dirt. Precision Clean doesn’t contain butyl, chlorinated or petroleum solvents, bleach, ammonia or abrasives. Precision Clean is biodegradable and rinse...
This unique product combines excellent physical properties with a very high temperature resistance. P-800 is therefore an ideal masking tapes in flame spray operations. The unique coating enables the tape to resist mechanical surf...
P-11 is an aluminium foil tape used in the Aircraft/Aerospace market to protect, mask and seal windows during the chemical paint stripping process of an aircraft. P-11 protects the plexiglass window from the caustic solutions unti...
P-55LW is a double-sided flame retardant carpet tape. Its unique construction allows for higher adhesive strength to carpet side, lower adhesion to floor board side. P-55LW anchors carpet securely to floor boards, yet tape removes...
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