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ELECTRO Contact Cleaner
Electro Contact Cleaner is a fast evaporating cleaner that penetrates, cleans and degreases, leaving no residue. Electro Contact Cleaner is ideally suited for cleaning electrical and electronic parts as well as other types of deli...
P-100 is a an aluminium foil/glass cloth tape used in the Aerospace/Aircraft market to protect electrical wiring and cables from heat, to mask in plasma metal spray applications, and RFI and EMI shielding on coils and static-sensi...
P-11 is an aluminium foil tape used in the Aircraft/Aerospace market to protect, mask and seal windows during the chemical paint stripping process of an aircraft. P-11 protects the plexiglass window from the caustic solutions unti...
MAGNUM Premium Lubricant with PTFE
LPS Magnum Premium Lubricant with PTFE is a specially formulated lubricant which minimizes friction and extends equipment life. Magnum penetrates to displace moisture and protect against wear and corrosion. Magnum contains a PTFE ...
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